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Lily Collins has been open about her eating disorder and image body issues for several years. Now, with her new Netflix film, To The Bone set to premiere soon, the actress is talking even more about her past struggles. For her new Shape cover, Lily slays in different styles of swimwear, rocking everything from a nude and black bikini to a gorgeous cut-out one-piece. For some, any type of photos, but especially ones involving wearing a swimsuit, can prove extremely daunting. Lily however, says she's found new comfort in her body and that her new film only helped her understand what she went through even more. She told the magazine , "Having suffered from an eating disorder doesn’t define me; I’m not ashamed of my past." She continued, "My body is in the shape it's in because it holds my heart." Eating disorders are extremely common , which is why we need to make treatment for them much more available, and much less stigmatized. What's more, while eating disorders are about much more than just body image, it's also important that we smash society's standards of one "perfect" body type and reiterate to young people that the only ชุดว่ายน้ำ วิเทจ พร้อมส่ง thing that matters is being healthy. During this time of year when "beach bodies" are a hot topic of discussion, feelings of self-loathing can become heightened, so it's refreshing to see Lily come out and be a positive beacon of hope for others who may be suffering the way she did. We love seeing Lily owning this part of her life to help normalize recovery and to promote confidence and self-love. Plus she's showing off some really incredible bathing suits that we're going to need to copy ASAP.

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