Ideas On Recognising Primary Details For Bathing Suits

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"For me personally, I tried on multiple suits and the sizing was perfect," Compton said. "The material is excellent and comparable to Victoria’s Secret for sure." Brooklyn Borkowski, another Simple Things Swim model, Kappa Alpha Theta member and a physiology senior, said the line's designs and prints are more original than that of other brands of swimsuits. Compton also said it's easy to buy the swimsuits in Turner's line because customers don't have to pay a shipping cost. Alex Seaman (left) and Sydney Compton (right) pose in swimsuits made by Simple Things Swim. Swimsuits from the line will be available in a pop-up sale at the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority house on Mar. 2. "As a college student, I never want to drop $100 for a swimsuit, and so these are extremely affordable and just as cute,” Compton said. Turner’s long-term goal is to develop Simple Things Swim as an established brand and then start to incorporate some of her own designs that coincide with her clients' preferences and tastes. “Recently, Simple Things Swim has become extremely popular, and I am beyond excited to see where the company is headed," Turner said. "And who knows?

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Hey ladies...did those Red bathing suits ever come in the mail? Na?!You're kidding me..

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